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My 5-Step Guide To Building An Effective Sales Funnel To Boost Sales

By Dr. Daleen Smal | Online Business

Oct 02
You market so that your business can be found. But is marketing and being found enough? Definitely not. That’s not the ultimate goal here – conversions are. And what’s the best way to get them? An online sales funnel to boost sales

The goal of marketing is so that your business can be found. But marketing and being found is not enough. That’s not the ultimate goal; conversions are. Building an effective sales funnel to boost sales is the best way to get conversions.

A sales funnel breaks down your targeted audience in a number of categories. Each of these categories actually represents where those particular customers are in their purchase journey. You design your sales process to fit the psychological process your customer goes through when making a decision to buy.


Now let’s talk about how to build a conversion funnel. I won’t be going into the details of any particular stage, but share a general step-by-step guide that helps you build an effective conversion funnel. For a more detailed discussion on setting up a sales funnel you may read this guide by OnlineBizBooster.

You market so that your business can be found. But is marketing and being found enough? Definitely not. That’s not the ultimate goal here – conversions are. And what’s the best way to get them?

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Design An Impressive Landing Page – That Entices Your Potential Customer To Check Out Your Product And Explore Your Website More

The landing page is the first impression which your potential customers form about your products and business. And like they say, first impressions are often the last.

Make sure that your landing page is impactful with a compelling design and an appropriate amount of white space. The call-to-action (CTA) buttons should be visible and navigational links should be limited. Test, test and test until you perfect the design of your landing page.

A well-designed landing page will compel your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and sign up for any of your services. They’ll readily provide you with their contact information, which you can then use for future follow-ups


Make A Front-End Offer – Creating Desire Is The Aim Of This Step

Step 2 is about providing your potential customers a chance to buy something from you. Create a desire for your products and services by sharing key benefits, anything that would make them want to purchase. It is best to make it something small they can do to solve a problem they have. The more helpful you are the better chance you have that they’ll come back.


If they don’t buy your low-ticket front-end offer, it’s OK. Your quick-decision makers will buy. That’s why you offer that type of customer the opportunity right away. Most people won’t be ready to buy until they reach the last stage of the sales funnel. This means that you should educate and engage them more until they’re ready to buy.


Upsell Or Cross-Sell – Either Way You Are Generating Revenues

This step only applies when your targeted customers did buy something from you. Right after they bought your first offer, allow them to buy more; something like an upgrade or add-on product. It should be the next logical step in solving their problem.

For instance, if they bought a basic plan from you, you can educate them on why they should upgrade their plan to premium. If they buy ladies shoes from you, you can share details about a handbag or clutch that compliments the shoes.


Consider McDonald's. They were the first to offer upgraded meals in the hospitality industry, and since then, it has been an immense success. If someone ordered a burger, McDonald’s let them know they can also buy fries and drinks at a discounted price.

This is the idea behind offering upsells and cross-sells in any type of business. It simply increases your profit a lot.


Offer A Downgraded Offer – You Can Still Get Them To Become A Customer 

Not everyone would have chosen to buy from you. There could be several reasons they don’t buy. A common reason is their budget. If you offer people a chance to downsize, your offer perhaps falls within their budget and you can still make some sales.

And no, this is not losing in any way. You would have lost the sale if you didn’t offer a down-sell. You have increased your database and made a sale to increase your profit. And your customer benefitted by getting a solution to his problem at a reduced price even when he had to give up some of the bonuses. 


Keep The Momentum Up – So That You Can Continue To Sell And Grow

Continue to follow up and engage your customers. Keep them satisfied and reward them with offers, discounts, or even a loyalty program. Customer retention is about the actions you take to reduce the number of customers making only one purchase. Companies use customer loyalty and brand loyalty initiatives to keep customers.  

Retaining customers is cheaper than encouraging new ones to sign up. By increasing the number of repeat customers, you increase the profitability of each existing customer or so-called customer lifetime value.

It also helps you build relationships with your customers because you are not just another website. They trust you with their money because you give them value in exchange.

Key Points:

  • Design a landing page that entices your visitor to check out your product.
  • Create a low-ticket front-end offer to allow the visitor to buy from you. 
  • Use an upsell or cross-sell to generate more income. 
  • Offer a down-sell so you still make a sale and gain a customer. 
  • Follow up and engage customers so they become fans and buy more from you.


Your website plays a really important role when you market in the online world. It should be designed to convert, and the best way to do this is to build it using effective sales funnels to boost sales. 

You are in essence guiding your customers through each stage of the customer journey one after the other. You make them aware of your business, educate them, and take them through the rest of the phases until they are ready to buy from you. You’re in the role of a trusted advisor to help them make a decision.

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