Improving Website Performance To Increase Sales

By Dr Daleen Smal | Blogging

Dec 03
Improving Website Performance To Increase Sales

Apparently, product pages are fairly simple to design. But unfortunately, this is where entrepreneurs often go wrong. They forget to improve website performance to increase sales.

Today’ I’ll be discussing the 7 most important elements on any product page that can increase your online sales.


Clear Pricing Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

Do you categorize your plans as regular or premium? Do your products range from basic to the high-end? You would be offering various products and services with different features, functionalities, and modules.

Now let me ask you another question: how well are you communicating these differences to your website visitors?

Clear and differentiated pricing is one of the best ways to increase online sales. Your conversion rates can rise rapidly if you offer a comparison on your product pages either in the form of a simple table or through a comparison tool.

A little tip here: if you want to increase your conversions more, you should also highlight the benefits that your customers would enjoy when they choose a particular product or plan over another one.


Use Confidence Boosters So Customers Trust You More

Your customers would make transactions on your website only when they trust you.  Even if one element is out of place, they’ll go elsewhere. Earn their trust if you want to increase your online sales.

You can, for instance, highlight that you use an SSL certificate for secure transaction. That padlock icon is so popular and many of your consumers would look out for it before providing their credit card details on your website.

Another way to build trust is a refund policy. Clearly let your customers know that if they don’t like your products, they can always request a refund. Let them know that they can always reach out to you by phone or email. If you have a live chat feature on your website, it’s even better.

Don’t forget to add that your customers should hear back from you within a day or whatever your timeframe is.


Reviews And Testimonials Increase Your Credibility

I am sure that you would already be showcasing testimonials and reviews on your product pages. Get testimonials and reviews from real people, get permission to use their real pictures on your website, and request a link back to their social profiles.  Elements of this sort strongly influence your potential customers and can drive sales.

Should you want to keep things simple, you can use the star-ratings system.


Product Videos Are Powerful To Drive Sales

Video marketing is powerful. I won’t go into any benefits here except that it’s important for you to know that videos are one of the best ways to increase your online sales. Put up a video that shares details about your products or services, giving your visitors an idea of what to expect. Emphasize the features, the benefits or the usage – anything that would make it easier for your visitors to make a decision.

Bonus Tip: Limit your videos to 2 minutes or less.


The Content Matters For Buying Decisions

In the online world, content rules. And the same applies to your product pages as well. So rather than putting up a generic description, focus on the benefits that your customers would get when they buy. When doing so, remember all the content development rules: it should be informative, interesting, relevant. And yes, you should be targeting all relevant keywords.

I’ve come across so many product pages that list features as a bulleted list. But my experience in the digital world has taught me that a bulleted features list doesn’t directly help with conversions in any way. It’s easier to scan but generic descriptions and lists won’t entice your potential customers. Customers are very much interested in the benefits, not only the features.  

From what I’ve seen, the best content for product pages should comprise of both paragraphs and lists. There’s nothing wrong to mention the features but highlight the benefits.


Loading Speeds Are Critical For Conversion Rates

Research by Kissmetrics claims that

  • For every second your page response is delayed, the conversion rates drop by 7%.
  • 40% of your visitors abandon your website if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.  

So, loading speeds are critical for improving website performance and driving conversion rates.


Sales Funnels Are Automated Selling Machines 

An effective way of getting all of this right the first time is to set up a sales funnel – a purchasing process where you take your customers through a journey, educating them on the products, the benefits, how it will help them solve a problem, and eventually to buy from you.

You can set up sales funnels through different programs, featuring configuration wizards and user-friendly interface. If you are interested, watch this free webinar on sales funnels


  • Clear and differentiated pricing is one of the best ways to increase online sales.
  • Put confidence boosters on your website as customers would make transactions on your website only when they trust you.  
  • Use reviews and testimonials as these increase your credibility.
  •  Videos are one of the best ways to increase your online sales.
  • Content should be informative, interesting, and relevant as that matters a lot in the buying decision. 
  • Loading speeds are critical for conversion rates. 
  • Sales funnels are automated selling machines that can create a lot of sales. 


Bear in mind that the information on your product page is the only details that your website visitors have to make a decision. Provide them with whatever you can to help them make a decision to buy from you. Focus on the elements that I have emphasized upon, and you should definitely see your conversion rates going upward.

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