How To Start A Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Business: Part 2 - Win The Wealth Game

How To Start A Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Business: Part 2

In Part 1, I showed you that Affiliate Marketing is a component of the broader Internet Marketing (also Online Marketing) field.

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If you are just getting started in Internet Marketing, you probably have no product of your own to sell.

This is where Affiliate Marketing is quite handy. It simply means you are selling someone else’s proven products.

You’re in essence selling someone else’s products for a commission. It’s a performance-based system, which pays you only when you’ve made a sale.

The vendor or product owner typically pays you a percentage of the price of the product.

1. If you’re new to Internet Marketing, then Affiliate Marketing is the FASTEST WAY to get started. You don’t have to create any product. You just have to get people to the vendor’s sales page and he does the selling. Your focus is only on marketing.

2. It is advisable to only promote products which you have used. You would understand the product better, believe in the product and be in a better position to help your customers with it.

3. My advice will also be to NEVER promote a sub-standard product just because you can earn great commissions. You are your brand and you don’t want to damage your brand by conducting yourself without integrity. People will discover the product is rubbish and your name will be dragged through the mud.

Many networks have products to promote. I’m not going to go into all of them, only the two main ones, namely Amazon and Clickbank.

To sell products listed on Amazon you simply sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s free to sign up and easy to do. Then you start promoting the products on your website or blog.

The advantage is that Amazon is well-known and trusted by the public. You gain credibility through association with Amazon.

Make sure you look at the reviews. Are there things customers loved or hated? You can find many nuggets in the reviews that you can use in your marketing.

Keep in mind that commissions on Amazon are generally low and between 4% and 8%.

It doesn’t leave you a lot of room for profit and having advertising money, so Amazon should not be your only source of affiliate income

Clickbank is an affiliate network with many digital products in many niches. It may be the best affiliate platform to start with.

It’s easy to open a Clickbank account and it’s free.

Vendors pay commissions up to 75% and many have recurring monthly income, which is great for building a stable income flow.

Clickbank has sorted the products on its platform in convenient categories. Look at the category you’ve decided to promote to your customers to find products.

They have a metric they call ‘gravity’.

It’s a measure to indicate how many affiliates are promoting the product and making sales. Too low a number indicates few affiliates and few sales. As a start, look at products with a gravity score of between 20 and 100.

I would recommend buying the product on Clickbank after completing your research. First, you will see and go through the vendor’s sales process, the upsells and down sells. In fact, you will see the sales funnel as your customer will go through it.

Before you buy and promote the product, do your research on Google. Type in the search bar the ‘product name + review’ and ‘product name + scam’ (without using the quotes).

Look for genuine reviews by other affiliates. If you find no reviews, think very carefully about why there are no reviews. There may be legitimate reasons but do due diligence before you promote a product.

It’s also important to do a search on the product creator or the authority they used on their sales page.

Are there good things said about the vendor or many negative comments? It’s a good sign if people have good things to say and the vendor is an accomplished and respected product created.

Remember, there are some people who will use ‘scam’ or bad reviews about other people’s products to promote their own products instead. The internet is full of unethical people but also legitimate ones. You just have to do your research well.  

By doing your research and analyzing the results, you will know if you have a great product to serve your clients to the best of your ability. Once you’ve done your research and selected a suitable product, you simply start promoting it. 

Often the product owner supplies you with information about the target audience, email sequences, and promotion material. Always make sure you read and understand the affiliate agreement to know what is allowed.  

Remember, you’re your ideal customer’s best friend and you don’t want to swindle them. You won’t be in business very long because angry and aggrieved customers will use social media to talk about how you defrauded them. 

Another great source of affiliate programs are the companies whose products you already bought and love. You are using the products yourself, know and trust them.

Let’s say you’re in the internet marketing niche. You will have tools that you use that you can promote. For instance, your web hosting, WordPress theme, email Autoresponder, and landing page builder.

Perhaps you have signed up and used a course that you find extremely helpful. You can promote that as an affiliate.  

For instance, I’ve found my mentor, Zach Crawford, from Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks and have been with him for a few years now. He is a Super Affiliate, knows his stuff inside out and values his students above all else. He’ll work night and day to help his students.

I have the greatest confidence to recommend him and his training to anyone. I am sure once you join, the value given will blow you away! You can even become an affiliate and promote his course.

Anyway, look at the companies whose products or tools you already use and see if they have affiliate programs that you can join.

Why not earn commissions from the companies you support?

Starting out with an online business may be easier if you start with affiliate marketing. You only have to focus on mastering marketing. Selling products is the name of the online business game and the better you can sell, the higher your profits will be.

With affiliate marketing, you are not concerned with creating products, customer service, fulfillment, payment gateways, and all those aspects related to your own products. In time, you will add them to your business, if you so wish.

In Part 3, I will touch on the frequently asked questions about Affiliate Marketing.