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How To Make Money Blogging

By Dr. Daleen Smal | Blogging

Jul 28
How To Make Money Blogging

“How to make money blogging?” is a question often asked by many bloggers who are just starting.

Blogging itself is not going to make you much money (at least, not initially). Rather consider blogging as a channel to what is going to make you money. For instance, a product or service that you are selling online will make you money. But that does not mean people aren’t earning a decent living by blogging as professionals. 

Here, are some ways to monetize your blog to earn more money.

1. Become a Coach

So, you have experience in a particular industry? Or maybe you’re good at a particular skill set that others are interested to learn? One way to earn money from your blog is by offering yourself as a coach. According to data gathered by Disc Insights, life coaching is an industry worth $2 billion worldwide.

One of the main reasons why you should consider coaching is because it doesn’t require you to have decades of blogging experience. Offer your services as a coach to motivated clients who are eager to learn and willing to pay you for your services.

Difficulties and challenges are part of life. Your readers are also going to face challenges in their life. As a coach, it will be your responsibility to help your readers manage those challenges. You guide them on how to deal with their difficulties in a positive way, rather than getting frustrated or worse, giving up.

Many bloggers have started out coaching and have used their platform to attract and nurture new clients. Initially, you will have trouble attracting a regular audience. You can leverage your search by using social media engagement and other tools to your advantage.

The main reason why you should use your blog to offer coaching services is that there are many people interested in learning new skills. Another reason why offering coaching services could be a lucrative idea is that you can venture into any area as a coach. Whether its web development or showing someone how to craft the perfect CV.

Maybe you got through a personal challenge, such as depression or obesity, and want to share your knowledge with others. Coaching is one of the best ways to monetize your blog because as a coach, your options will be endless. All you have to do is to help others deal with the challenges they face in their personal or professional lives. 

Key Points:

  • Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry.
  • Use your experience in dealing with challenges to help others cope with the same challenges. 
  • There is not a single area where people are not looking for or can benefit from a coach.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that as a blogger you will include links to a product or service in your blog that’s not your own. This product or service will be from another brand or blogger’s affiliate program. Whenever one of your visitors clicks on the link and purchases the product or service, you receive a commission.

Keep in mind to only choose those products and services which are relevant to your audience. This means if you have a blog about interior design, joining the affiliate program of a car dealership is not going to help the cause.

Another factor to keep in mind when using affiliate marketing, even more so than choosing which types of blogs that make money, is to only include links to those products or services which you have used. If you want to be viewed as a trusted authority in your niche you will need to choose only great products and from reputable vendors. Anything short of this and you stand a good chance of losing a loyal customer.

So, where does one start when it comes to affiliate marketing? Some of the well-known affiliate programs that main bloggers use are Amazon Associates and Clickbank. But, there are many businesses which set up affiliate programs of which you can become an affiliate. You can also become a member of an affiliate program of another blogger who is selling e-Courses. 

If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, sign up for Zach Crawford's free masterclass about Affiliate Marketing.

Key Points:

  • You can sell other people's proven products as an affiliate. 
  • Only sell quality products that you use or trust.
  • Promote only products relevant to your audience. 

3. Create and Sell Online Courses

If you have a blog with decent traffic you could create online courses and offer them online. The best part is you are not going to need many leads to make money with your online courses.

For instance, you’re an expert in project management or conflict resolution. You can transform that expertise into an effective, market-ready course that other’s will be ready to learn. If your blog receives a few dozen visitors every day, start from there, and scale-up. Find out what those visitors are most interested in when they visit your blog and create a course on that particular subject. The first course you create might not be that amazing, but you will learn with time.

Creating online courses is a good idea since many people prefer buying online courses rather than having to go to an institute at a particular time. Online courses provide people with the freedom to learn on their own terms, at their own pace, on a focused subject.

Creating an online course or an e-book will also be good for your blog since people will sign up and learn more about your experience and expertise. Having an online course that you’ve created also creates the perception that you are an authority in your field. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Key Points:

  • You can create and sell your own courses or digital products.
  • Start from where you are and scale up. 
  • Having your own courses increases your authority in the market. 

4. Make a Profit with PLR Products

PLR stands for Private Label Rights and was once a lucrative way for bloggers to make money online. PLR products are pre-written content that anyone can claim as their own without getting into any legal hot water.

Before 2011, bloggers would download PLR articles and publish them for their audience. Duplicate content is a big deal now and violates Google’s terms. This means you can face some serious penalties if you use PLR articles word for word. This is one of the reasons why many users fail while using PLR articles. They are too lazy and simply copy and paste the PRL articles and end up getting fined or penalized by Google.

But, there is a way for bloggers who are just starting to use PLR articles to their advantage. Whether you are creating an article or an e-book, you need to rewrite the content so that it is unique. Add your experience, insights, and examples. When choosing a PLR article, make sure the content has been recently developed and has been written by an authority on the subject.

Look around for PLR sources but make sure it's a quality site. There are some rubbish products out there.  On most PLR sites, you will find articles, eBooks, audio, and video content that you can learn from and create your content to publish on your blog.

The important point about PLR articles is that you must rewrite and add your insights. 

Key Points:

  • Use PLR products to help with content creation to combat the 'blank page' syndrome. 
  • Do not use PLR products as is. You absolutely must rewrite them and add your own value and insights. 
  • Be careful with PLR because there is some rubbish out there. 

5. Google AdSense

You can create a self-hosted blog and use Google AdSense to make money. There are two ways in which you can do this.

The first is by using impressions. This will depend on the page views of your blog, which will allow you to earn a set dollar amount.

The second way to earn with Google AdSense is based on the number of clicks an ad on your blog gets. Whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, regardless of the total number of visitors to your blog, you will get a part of the ad revenue. It starts from $0.01 to a couple of dollars depending on the ad.

The reason why this is one of the top ways to monetize your blog is that Google AdSense is compatible with free Blogger blogs as well as self-hosted WordPress blogs. The more traffic you can get on your site, the more you are going to be able to earn via Google AdSense.

I would only caution you not to dilute your brand by stuffing your website full of ads. 

Key Points:

  • You may earn money based on impressions.
  • Another way to earn money is by getting paid for clicks. 
  • Don't dilute your brand by stuffing your website with ads. 

6. Selling Private Ads

If your blog receives many viewers, advertisers may contact you to ask if they can place their ads on your site. This is the ideal situation for a blogger, but for many others, this seldom happens because they do not have enough viewers. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot contact advertisers yourself. Selling private ads can be in the form of links, buttons, or even banners.

Many bloggers also make money writing sponsored posts where they write about a particular product or service. Or they write a review about the product or service of the advertiser. Another way of using advertisers to monetize your blog is by writing an underwritten post where you can write about any topic. The advertiser pays for a “brought to you by” mention that goes with the content.

Once again, don't dilute your brand or credibility with other people's ads.  

Key Points:

  • If you get many viewers to your site, advertisers may contact you to place their ads on your site.
  • You may also write sponsored posts or reviews. 
  • Don't dilute your brand or credibility with other people's ads

7. Virtual Summits

Monetizing a blog by launching a virtual summit is growing in popularity. Many bloggers are using virtual summits to connect with influencers in their niche. This increases the credibility of their blog and improves its reach.

Right now, virtual conferences are the most underrated tactic being used by bloggers. This is surprising since there are many success stories of bloggers who have harnessed the power of virtual summits to grow their reach and build their customer base.

Virtual summits are video interviews of 20 or more professionals or experts in a particular niche who discuss a particular topic. The video is available free for the first 24 or 48 hours, and then subscribers have to pay for unlimited viewing.

If you still aren’t convinced, some bloggers are earning six-figures from virtual summits. 

Key Points:

  • Virtual summits are video interviews of 20 or more professionals or experts in a particular niche who discuss a particular topic. 
  • The video is available free for a limited time.
  • After that time, subscribers have to pay for unlimited viewing.

8. Offer Services as a Consultant

We have already mentioned how you can create online courses and write e-Books to make money with your blog. You can also monetize your blog through consultancy. If your readers look to you as an authority in your niche, chances are they often ask you questions either via email or leave their questions in the comments of your blogs.

You can monetize your consults. Charge a certain amount for either a personal session via video call or you can offer a personal online messaging service. For instance, if you write a blog on a particular niche, you may have readers who are also bloggers and want you to review their work. You can charge them a small fee for helping them out on their blogging journey.

Key Points:

  • If your readers look up to you as an authority they will ask you questions. 
  • You may start charging for personal consults or group consulting. 


At the heart of every blogging venture is the deep desire to grow and nurture your online tribe. But, the harsh truth is, for many folks, that’s easier said than done. Most bloggers who are just beginning often struggle to make a living from their blogging efforts. That’s’ because growing and building a loyal audience takes time.

All you have to do is be consistent with delivering fresh, informative content to your audience. Become a helpful person with a deep interest in your customers and their success.