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Dr Daleen Smal

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I help people to create passive income and grow their wealth through online businesses by selling their own products or other people's products. 

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​Dr Daleen Smal is an economist and had a high-profile corporate career in the central bank of South Africa spanning 37 years. The last 14 years in the Bank she was a technical advisor to the Monetary Policy Committee (which, among other things, decides on the interest rates in the country). She also served on numerous national economic policy committees deciding on national strategies to help grow the economy.

Throughout her life she ​constantly wanted to learn more, accomplish more and achieve more. In 1990, she was the first woman to receive a PhD in Economics from the University of South Africa since its inception in 1918. She was an Honorary Professor in Economics at the University of Pretoria. She was a finalist in the country-wide Lebone Woman of the Year competition in 1996. She was a finalist in the category Women in Finance for the 2017 Woman of the Year competition.   

In 2014 she retired comfortably from full-time employment. She left behind a big corner office and a 7-figure income. She owned stocks, properties and a well-funded retirement fund.

However, she felt her life’s purpose was not over yet.

She had a burning desire to still contribute to society. She still wanted to make a difference in the world and influence the lives of many, as she did previously as part of a policy making institution.

Her mother, who played a big role in her life, set her on a new course (She lost her father in 1986):

When her nephews and nieces were younger she started a series of “millionaire letters” to them, teaching them the principles of finances and wealth creation. Her mother suggested that she use those letters, her lifetime of experience in the financial and policy environment, and her lecturing experience at the Reserve Bank College, as basis to change the lives of many more people.

That was when she took the decision to shift her life-long focus from helping to grow THE economy to helping you grow YOUR economy. After all, core financial principles remain the same whether it is for a country, a business, or an individual.

Subsequently, she founded her company and started her Win The Wealth Game brand. She set about publishing her book “The Art Of Money: How To Win The Wealth Game” and it became a best-seller. Now she is helping others to create passive income and grow wealth through online businesses by selling their own and other people's products.

Daleen is an international speaker, appear on national television, speak on national radio and get published in magazines. She interact with inspiring entrepreneurs and get to work with truly amazing individuals as her students.

 ​Dawie Roodt

 ​​Director and Chief Economist of the Efficient Group


I have known Daleen for many decades. At first as a colleague at the South African Reserve Bank, but later as a one of the foremost econometricians and theoretical economists in the country. Finally, I have known Daleen as a friend that shared a common love for the dismal science. Daleen’s passion and insights in economics never failed to inspire me and everybody prepared to share in her wide knowledge.

 ​Kim Baker

 ​Director and Owner of CoralTree Organics


​I have known Dr Daleen Smal in both a business and a social setting, and have professional standards as well as her ability to connect with everyday working people with compassion and empathy. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her abilities to understand the issues the majority of us face with developing a successful financial strategy and the steps required to implement the moves to reach our goals. Daleen’s sincere commitment to see people moving out of the poverty cycle and achieving abundant success is a quality much needed in our financially turbulent times.

​Kelly Welton

 ​CEO and Owner of The Breathing Specialist


Dr Daleen Smal, with her years of experience in South Africa’s central bank, lays out a perfect blueprint for the reader to maximise their finances. Her plan works just as well in the USA and any other country as it would in her home country. Take the time to apply the principles and ideas she has set before you, and you will be able to retire very well, and maybe sooner than you think!

​Gerry Robert

 ​President of Black Card Books


…Daleen’s determined and all-encompassing commitment to empowering others is truly inspiring. That she so willingly and enthusiastically assists those who have had few opportunities to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams is particularly uplifting.

 ​Theo van Rensburg

 ​Industrial Engineer


The way that Daleen practically explains fundamental financial strategies and common mistakes people make, can easily be understood by anyone.

 ​Bruce Whitfield

 ​Award winning financial journalist


Dr Daleen Smal helping to change the world one mind and one heart at a time when it comes to money.

 ​Oei Aisoen

 ​Entrepreneur and Speaker


Dr Daleen Smal has put her technical wisdom about the economy and finances into down-to-earth terms that every individual can apply and profit from.

 ​Carole Fossey

Business Owner and  ​International Business Coach


​…with her extensive experience in the field of banking, Daleen talks you through, clearly and simply, the steps you need to take to Win The Wealth Game.

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​By Daleen Smal

​The Art Of Money

​How To Win The Wealth Game

I bought this book to help myself get out from underneath a mountain of debt.
I can see that Dr Small is an expert in her field, and feeling hopeful now that I have read the book. Thank you very much for such a practical and helpful book. 
— Pieter J Sadie

Are you overburdened and struggling under the weight of debt? Do you want more control over your finances and more time to spend with your family? Perhaps you want to get out of your dead-end job or get your business on a better footing. If so, it is time to say goodbye to your fears and stresses that revolve around finances. Learn how to play the wealth game and win!