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Essential Strategies To Get Rid Of A Poor Mindset

By Dr. Daleen Smal | Personal Development

Dec 10
Strategies To Get Rid Of A Poor Mindset

Have you ever observed how some people’s poor mindset completely sabotage their success?

As a friend, you are standing on the sidelines trying to help them but they are set in their ways. Their mindset is fixed and preventing them from achieving success and they don’t even realize they are their biggest problem.

1. Be Aware Of Your Poor Mindset

One of the first steps of changing for the better is becoming aware of what is going on.

It reminds me of Napoleon Hill who said: “There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge.”

Without any awareness of what is going on, there is no acknowledgment that there is a problem. And without acknowledgment, nothing can change.

How often have you heard someone say ‘I can’t do it’? People cripple themselves with self-doubts and worries.

When you pay attention to your words, you will notice where these limiting beliefs are controlling your life. Then you can take corrective action.

Limiting beliefs are all about buying into the lie that we and other people tell us.

Wrong beliefs are a deception you play upon yourself.

Key Points:

  • Become aware of your limiting beliefs.
  • Limiting beliefs are all about buying into the lie that we and other people tell us.

2. Where Do You Get A Poor Mindset?

We have been programmed to believe certain things. If you are stuck with the idea that rich people are in some form or shape bad people, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to become rich. Because subconsciously, you don’t want to be a bad person and you will self-sabotage your wealth.

Changing any negative connotations to being rich, will open you up to a life of wealth and abundance. It is only when you have a mindset of abundance that you will be able to deal with wealth.

If you are functioning on assumptions and beliefs without questioning them, your mind is running on autopilot. Check any beliefs you may have about success, your abilities to be a successful entrepreneur, and having wealth.

For the first few years of our lives, we absorbed everything. As children, we didn’t have the experience or the knowledge to question what we were told by authority figures, such as our parents and teachers. In those early childhood years, we formed many of the beliefs that we have today.

But as adults, it is our responsibility to question the beliefs we have formed as children. Especially beliefs that limit us in what we may achieve in life.

Key Points:

  • Limiting or poor mindset starts in childhood.

  • You were “programmed” by what other people told you about you and you believed them.

  • As a child, you did not have the experience or knowledge to question authority figures but as an adult, you are responsible for questioning your beliefs.

3. You Need To Change Your Poor Mindset

Have you ever put the wrong address on your GPS? The GPS will take you to that wrong address if you follow the instructions without paying attention.

In the same way, if you don’t pay attention, you will listen to the wrong part of your mind telling you ‘I can’t’, ‘An online business is not for me’, or ‘I don’t deserve better’. Your brain will automatically accept your outdated and limiting beliefs unless you question it.

If you have limiting beliefs, you must program the GPS in your head with a new address to take you to the correct destination. But this takes deliberate and conscious action on your part.

You may think of your brain as a muscle, a very important one indeed, but still a muscle. When you use your brain to exercise certain brain muscles, like saying over and over to yourself “I can’t do this” or “I am not good at that”, that particular thought pattern will become a big muscle.

Scientists can track that on a brain scan and see which part of your brain lights up with certain thoughts.

Your brain will use its dominant thought pattern automatically because that is the most developed pathway in your brain.

However, you can break that overused pathway down and build new beliefs and habits. Start building ‘brain muscle’ on positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It’s like going to the gym but this is a ‘brain gym’.

Start feeding your mind the right beliefs and positive thoughts to develop those neglected brain muscles to serve you better in your quest for wealth and freedom.

This is perfectly doable as many have succeeded in changing their poor mindset into one of abundance and wealth.

Key Points:

  • Your brain will automatically accept your outdated and limiting beliefs unless you question it.

  • You can break the overused negative pathways in your brain down and build new beliefs and habits with deliberate effort


An outdated belief is like a beloved old shoe. It’s so comfortable that we don’t notice the hole in it. If you struggle with a poor mindset, isn’t it time to question it?

This whole process of retraining your poor mindset is not only applicable to starting your own business, but to every area in your life where the results are not what you want them to be. The principles remain the same. Change any beliefs that are no longer serving you.