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I’m the founder of Win The Wealth Game. I love to help you create income and build wealth by starting an online business, selling your own and other people's digital products.

Mar 26

WinTheWealthGame Manifesto

By Dr Daleen Smal | Online Business

Knowing why something should be done is far more important than knowing what to do. Spend more time to understand the principles or philosophy behind what you do. Understanding principles allows freedom for opportunities and practices to adapt to that framework because you know what counts most.  WinTheWealthGame believes in 3 principles. In my entrepreneurial journey, […]

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Improving Website Performance To Increase Sales
Dec 03

Improving Website Performance To Increase Sales

By Dr Daleen Smal | Blogging

Apparently, product pages are fairly simple to design. But unfortunately, this is where entrepreneurs often go wrong. They forget to improve website performance to increase sales.  Today’ I’ll be discussing the 7 most important elements on any product page that can increase your online sales. 1. Clear Pricing Will Increase Your Conversion Rates  Do you categorize your […]

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