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​With 37 years of experience in the financial world, Dr Daleen Smal has shifted her focus from growing THE economy to growing YOUR economy! Everything you need to know how to build your wealth in one book.

​Master your mindset around wealth, get out of debt and acquire the cash flow you need to grow your wealth, learn what to do and what not to do when investing your money, and create your empire - leaving a lasting legacy!

The Art Of Money: How To Win The Wealth Game
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    ​Break through your limiting beliefs
    Break through your limiting beliefs
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    ​Get out of debt ​
    Get out of debt, simply - small, practical steps
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    ​Become cash flow positive
    Become cash flow positive
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    ​Invest for passive income
    Invest or start a business
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    Start your own business
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    ​Become financially free
    Become financially free
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    ​Live life on your terms
    Live your life with purpose
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    ​Change lives!
    Change lives!